Practice News

Referrals for ADHD assessment

Updated: 6th August

I have a special interest in ADHD and take on as many referrals as I can for diagnostic assessment and/or ongoing management of ADHD. As a solo practitioner, however, my capacity is limited. For an up to date list of other psychiatrists with a special interest in ADHD, please see the RANZCP Your Health in Mind psychiatrist search engine. Alternatively the SA Branch Office of the RANZCP (08 8219 4200) may be able to suggest names of local psychiatrists working with ADHD.

New referrals and wait-times

Updated: 6th August 2022

I am currently accepting a small number of new referrals with a wait time of 2-3 months.

New contact details

Updated: 11th July 2022

Please note the practice telephone number has changed to (08) 8311 3755. Alternatively you can e-mail